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Jerry Carlson is a music artist from Sweden. He plays piano and sings rock'n'roll, country-rock, new country, blues, boogie woogie etc. Jerry is considered one of the top pianoplayers and artists in this music area in Sweden. Jerry started playing piano when he was 10 years old and for the past 15 years it´s been his full time occupation. He went to Memphis, USA for the first time in 1992 where he played at serveral places and also did some radio. Jerry stayed in Memphis for 10 weeks and made useful contacts in the music business that would turn out to be very important for the future.

In 1993 he returned to USA and played with Linda Gail Lewis in Jerry Lee Lewis Nightclub. With the help from Linda he was sent to England and where he was going to perform in a musical at West End. The year after that, he was back in the United States again. But this time he travelled with another artist Danny Boy Squire from Canada. 1994 was also the year when Jerry made his first recordings in Nashville.

In 1996 Jerry Carlson made his debut on the Swedish national TV. In the most popular TV-Show (seen by 25% of the population) - Jerry was the winner, doing a great Jerry Lee Lewis impersonation. The song he played was "Great Balls Of Fire" and it rocked wery well!

Just about after this his first CD "Burning 88 keys" came out. It gained a lot of good reviews in Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, UK and the US. Shortly after this he signed a contract in England on Hallmark Records for two compilation releases. These contained other artist such as The Bellamy Brothers.

This year went Jerry back to Nashville and Memphis and was lucky to record with "the king of rockabilly" Billy Lee Riley (he had a big hit with "Red Hot" in the 50´s). Other artists on the session was "Billy Swan and Barbara Pittman". This was a live recording at Sun Studio in Memphis. It was broadcasted in the UK on the BBC. During this trip Jerry also meet Jerry Lee Lewis in his home in Nesbit, MS.

During 1997 Jerry got many good quotes from the business. For example from Sam Phillips, who said he really enjoyed Jerrys last demos and the songs from this first CD. Futher from the writer of "Rock Around The Clock"; James E. Myers and many more. This year an African tour took place with shows in in the hot Sinai desert..

In April 1998 Jerry returned from the USA after a month stay. During a three day session Jerry recorded parts of his second CD "Honky Tonk Fool" along with great musicans such as Elvis Presleys studio guitar player "Reggie Young" and "Robby Turner" (steelguitar player on Jerry Lee´s latest album and on "The Maveriks" album "Trampoline"). Jerry also recorded his piano- playing in Sam Philips Studio in Memphis engineered by "Roland Janes".

"Honky Tonk Fool" gained a lot af good reviews and reactions not only in Sweden. Thanks to this he has been lucky to travel to different countries performing, in Italy for example. He has performed regularly to sold out concerts at a large Nightclub in Milano.

Early in 2000 Jerry began recording his first album. 13 tracks were re- corded - two of them were live. The album got many good reviews through- out Europe. This was the biggest project ever and a total of 17 musicians. Half of the songs were written by Jerry. Many whows followed and 2000 was fully booked and 2001 as well. In september 2001 Jerry formed along with his friend Johnny Duvert a im- personatorshow along with Henrik Åberg. It was called "The Legends" and toured through Sweden during the end of 2001. The show contained exclusive impersonations of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis. It became so popular that 2002 was filled with tourdates. The show toured frequently and still does.

Jerry completed three albums with totally 50 songs during sessions in Austin Texas in 2003, 2005 and 2007 for Swedish country singer Bo-Göran Svensson. Jerry played with famous country-pickers such as Bobby Flores, Tommy Detamore etc. You can also hear Jerrys piano on previous Bo-Göran Svensson releases.

Early 2007 Jerry´s MySpace became official. In May 2007 year Jerry went in the studio recording 17 songs for the new album "Rewind". 15 of these songs were released in the summer of 2008. Late 2007 Jerry produced the show "Så minns vi Elvis" starring Henrik Åberg. This is a tribute show telling the story of Elvis life. The show was very succesful and had 40 sold of shows in a row. Jerry continued producing "The Story Of Johnny Cash" with the great Swedish actor Ted Åström the years that followed including a "The Roy Orbison Story" in 2010.

In April 2008 Jerrys fanclub was formed by Justin Ryan (South Africa) and Johan Johansson (Sweden). Link to fanclub: Jerry Carlson Club.

In 2009 Jerrys production site LIVESTAR is born.

After a successfull tour with Legends in 2010 another tour is planned for october 2012, while The Legends is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

After Jerry's first appearance in Thai Tv in april 2011 he returned for another TV-special in september. Radio and newspapper were included in the visit as well as a broadcast of Jerry's birthday.


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